Why You Shouldn’t Listen to a Leaked Album

April 20th, 2022 just a month before Harry Styles’ third album Harry’s House is set to release it gets leaked. As you can expect the Internet has gone crazy. Along with the album being leaked, several unreleased songs from both Harry and One Direction got leaked as well. Many people are getting really frustrated with the people who are continuing to listen and share the leaked album, but they don’t mind people listening to the unreleased songs that we have already heard live but just not in a studio form. Here’s reasons you shouldn’t listen to a leaked album according to me, my friends, and the Internet:

The artist didn’t plan for this.

This obviously wasn’t the plan Harry had, and this threw off a schedule of who knows what he has planned leading up to the actual release date on May 20th. Only one single has been released so far, and he sang two songs at Coachella that will be on the upcoming album, but there is still a lot that I expected to see from him in the month remaining to build up excitement and anticipation. His team hasn’t released an official statement on how they’re handling the situation, but I’m hoping it doesn’t impact their plans too much.

The artist makes no money off of people listening to it now.

When songs first come out that is when they get listened to the most, and when it first has come out in a way that wasn’t through the artist itself then they are making no profit. Harry has put so much time and effort into this album, so for him to receive no benefits from the fact that people are listening to the leaked album right now is extremely frustrating when this is his job.

It is disrespectful to the artist.

It feels generally just rude to listen to the music when it has been leaked and the fans who are listening to it know this wasn’t how he intended for them to first listen to it. The release date is only a month away, and we have already waited three years for new music, so it isn’t a huge ask to just ignore the leak and wait for it to officially come out. This also goes back to my second point, Harry has put so much of himself into this album and has been working on it for a long time.

I’m so excited for this album to come out, but I want to experience it the way Harry intended for us to experience it. It makes me so sad that this happened to him because we’ve already seen how much he has put into this album with the first single, Coachella, and all of his social media. Hopefully this won’t set them back or force his team to change anything, but either way as soon as it hits midnight on May 20th I will be streaming Harry’s House for the first time.

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