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As part of the Branding of Me class my professor, Gary Kayye, had us take the Enneagram Test to learn about ourselves and how we can best interact with others. I’ve always been a little apprehensive about personality tests, but they fascinate me. I want to see if looking at my results from multiple personality tests shows any patterns or if they turn out to be all over the place and not accurate to me. There are four “personality tests” of sorts that I find to be the most talked about: Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, zodiac, and Hogwarts houses. I will also throw in the DISC personality test because it is one my grandma swears by. I’m not going to go into detail about how each test works, but I will link places to take the test yourself if you want to learn more or see your own results. Now time to take a close up look at my personality according to these tests. 

Enneagram: 6w7

Common descriptors for Type 6 are The Skeptic or The Loyalist. They are driven by a desire for safety and security. They plan ahead and try their best to prepare for things that could go wrong. Having tight-knit friends is important to them, and they tend to be organized and well-liked. Six wing sevens are more driven by a need for social interactions and tend to be more on the extraverted side. I think that these results are pretty accurate to me, trust in relationships is extremely important to me. I’m also a chronic organizer and planner, one look at my google calendar or bullet journal can tell you that I care about planning. I consider myself to be an extraverted introvert, and I get my energy from hanging out with my close friends. 

Myers-Briggs: ESFJ

ESFJ, otherwise known as the Consul, is a person with extraverted, observant, feeling, and judging personality traits. At their core, this personality type thrives on being social and staying up to date with their friends. They are good at remembering little details their friends tell them, and love to plan and organize social events. The biggest challenge they face is dealing with their sensitivity and taking criticism. I think this is another one that is pretty accurate to me as well, and it definitely lines up with my desire to spend quality time with my friends and family. I’ve also been told by some of my friends that it makes them feel good that I can remember very specific details of stories they tell me. As much as it’s something I’m working on, I do also agree with sensitivity being a weakness of mine. It’s something I’m aware of, but I’m not always the best at dealing with people disagreeing with me or giving me criticism. 

Zodiac: Gemini

A big stereotype of a Gemini is that they are two-faced, but this doesn’t always have to be bad. They are known for being very talkative and quick-witted. They can adapt to different environments, and prefer having company to being alone. They are good at communicating and listening, and are quick to get to know people. This is one that I relate to in part, but don’t love the stereotypes that come with it. Many people put Gemini in the red flag category of the zodiac signs, and, like all signs, it has some negative traits. I think my sense of humor lines up with the description because I have a very specific sense of humor that is often based on timing. I also think I am good at adapting to different social environments, even if that might make me “two-faced” to some. I am also noticing a trend among my tests so far that I don’t like spending time alone and I enjoy the little social interactions of just talking to people. This one is interesting to see compared to the first two considering it’s based on my birthday and not a test that I actually had to take.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Common traits of a Slytherin are ambition, resourcefulness, determination, and cleverness. They have a poor reputation in the Harry Potter books because of the amount of evil characters who belong to that house, but the traits also have the potential to manifest positively in people too. They tend to be strong leaders, and like to weigh all possible outcomes before making a final decision. They are also very loyal and passionate when it comes to people or things that they care about. Slytherins tend to be very competitive, and don’t always do well with losing. I think this one is pretty accurate to me today, and it is even better because green is my favorite color. I can be a very competitive person, especially if it’s for something that I have put a lot of time and effort into, and I definitely don’t enjoy failure. The trend of loyalty has continued with this test as well, and I’d say I definitely put the most time and effort into the people who I feel like reciprocate that energy back to me. Along with my zodiac sign, this is another test where I have the result that can stereotypically be seen as the “bad result,” but I think there are many aspects of this house that apply to me.


C type personalities are perfectionists who are very careful decision makers. They hold themselves and others to a very high standard, and are often very creative. They can be a good “anchor of reality” when working in a group because of how detail oriented they are, and they also tend to avoid conflict. They don’t always like talking about their feelings, and fear criticism because they don’t like to be wrong. Now I will say for this test I tied between I and C type personalities, but I’ve gotten C in the past so that’s what I went with. This one is interesting to me because I’m a creative person working in a creative field, so that feels validating. I definitely like to avoid conflict as much as possible, and I’ve already mentioned that I don’t always take criticism well. I also am a careful decision maker when it comes to important decisions, and will often make a pro con list. One thing I will disagree with is that I personally don’t have a hard time talking about my feelings if it’s with friends or family. I think I feel emotions very strongly, and sometimes have a hard time bottling them up, so that’s the main thing that I would say isn’t accurate from this test.

I think that overall all of these personality tests actually did a pretty good job of summing me up, and I found it especially interesting to see the overlap between the different tests. I hope you found this as interesting as I did to take a deep dive into my personality, and maybe this got you thinking about taking one of these tests yourself. I’d love to know your results for any of these tests so drop a comment with any of your results, and let me know if you think they are accurate to you!

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