Spring Break Part 2: Universal and Epcot

For the second half of spring break, most of the group went to Universal Studios and Epcot in Disney World. We definitely accomplished a lot in the three and a half days we were in Orlando, and, while I could go on and on talking about what we did, I wanted to use this blog to cover my favorites from the two parks and talk a little bit more about the things that made the trip so great. This trip was so much fun, and I’m sad it’s over, but I’m also just thankful it all worked out so well. Here are some of my personal favorites from the parks!

Hands down the best ride I went on the whole trip was Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure (a bit of a mouthful of a name so we just called it the Hagrid coaster). Although Epcot really didn’t stand a fair chance against Universal when it came to rides for me personally, and rides weren’t the reason we went to Epcot, this ride was the most memorable and the one I will talk about the most from the trip. I had never ridden it before, and we all agreed that the wait was worth it once we got off. If you’re going to Universal any time soon definitely make sure you ride this one, and if you want a really unique experience sit on the motorcycle instead of the sidecar. The ride was so well put together and had so many cool features that made it different from any ride I’ve done before. It was well themed to the Harry Potter World and (spoilers if you haven’t ridden it before) featured several launches, a backwards portion, and even a free-fall drop. As sad as it was to see the Dueling Dragons ride leave Harry Potter World, after experiencing this ride for the first time I think it was worth it to have this replace it. 

favorite drink: violet sake (Japan, Epcot)

We went to Epcot to drink around the world, which was admittedly more of a challenge than I thought it would be, and after getting through all 11 countries I have to say the Violet Sake drink in Japan was my favorite. This might be because of how pleasantly surprised I was by the drink, but either way this drink takes the number one spot for me. I had no clue what to expect with this one since I’ve never had sake before, it was refreshing and candy-like that I definitely would get one by myself next time I’m at Epcot. Honestly this was a hard choice though because I didn’t flat out dislike any of the drinks we had, this one just stood out to me the most and is the most memorable flavor for me personally. Drinking around the world is a fun bucket list item that I’m excited to be able to check off, and I’d be happy to talk more about all of the drinks we tried in the future.

This food was a discovery we made early in the day before we even started our drinking around the world adventure, and were craving for most of the day while we worked our way towards France. It turned out to be for good reason because this croissant was my favorite food I ate in the parks. It is filled with goat cheese, herbs, and roasted garlic, and makes for a great savory snack while walking through the countries. We were all very excited when this lived up to the hype we had built for it throughout the day, and although we split it I could have definitely eaten a whole one by myself. Generally the food at Epcot in the countries was better than the food we had in Universal, but we were going to Universal mostly for the rides and Epcot mostly for the drinks and food so each park lived up to the area we were going for.

This was just a quick look into some of the highlights of the trip. I had such a good time getting away from the stressors of college this week with my friends, and might blog more about some specific aspects of the trip in the future. If you’re also an amusement park fan, comment below some of your favorites and let me know what you think of the favorites I mentioned if you’ve also tried them!

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