Spring Break Part 1: Sarasota Beach

For my senior year spring break I am on a trip to Florida with some of my friends. The first part of the trip we’re in Sarasota spending some time at the beach, which is what this blog will be about. The second part we’ll be going to Orlando to go to some of the amusement parks there, which I’m also super excited for. We left for Sarasota on Friday, and I had my first experience driving a minivan which was an interesting time, but everyone made it down safely. The weather hasn’t been quite what we were imagining, but we’ve made it work and had some really fun experiences here.

On our first full day in Sarasota the wind and rain were pretty crazy for the first part of the day so we stayed in other than going to get some groceries. Once everything cleared up a bit more we went for a walk on the beach, and we quickly realized that maybe the wind was still a little intense and we got hit hard by a lot of sand. We walked to St Armands and looked around at all of the cool restaurants and stores, and ended up stopping at this arcade that was also a restaurant and bar. 

The arcade had a super cool atmosphere, and I got to play some cool games that I had never seen before along with some classics like Mario Kart and Dance Dance Revolution. We stayed there and played games for a bit before heading back to the apartment. We ended the night by making pasta together for dinner and having a chill night in playing games. 

Today we got to actually spend some time on the beach, and even though the weather wasn’t actually as warm as we hoped it was still really nice to sit out on the beach for a bit. We had a good time laying on the beach tanning, reading books, and going on walks looking for shells. This beach had some super cool shells on it, and probably the most conch shells I have ever seen on the beach in one day. After some quick showers we returned to St Armands for dinner at Cha Cha Coconuts, and the food there was great and I’m so glad that’s where we chose to eat.

Now we’re just chilling at the apartment having a movie night before we head to Orlando tomorrow. The trip has been a great escape from the stresses of college, and I’m super excited for the second part. Stay tuned for updates on Orlando and the parks!

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