Spotify Wrapped

When Spotify Wrapped day comes around each year, it almost feels like a national holiday (at least for everyone who uses Spotify). You turn to Instagram and everyone is sharing their top artists and songs of the year, as well as anything from their Wrapped that they feel is special or that they could brag about. There is also the opposite situation where some people find their Wrapped to be embarrassing because of who is on it so they avoid sharing it with anyone. Either way, Spotify Wrapped remains highly anticipated every year.

As far as my own Wrapped goes, I was not surprised at all by my top artists or songs. My top artist for the third year in a row is Harry Styles, with Billie Eilish, Djo, Beyonce, and Dua Lipa rounding out my top five. I did see three of my top five in concert this year, so that would definitely explain why I listened to them so much. As far as my top five songs goes, they’re all songs from Harry’s House with “As It Was” at number one along with “Keep Driving,” “Daylight,” “Grapejuice,” and “Daydreaming.” Having multiple Harry Styles songs in my top five wasn’t a shock, but I was a little surprised to see all five of them be songs from Harry’s House.

This year I’ve noticed lots of other brands using Spotify Wrapped’s graphics to create their own “wrapped” of sorts based on their brand. UNC used it to highlight the UNC Field Hockey team after their 10th national championship win. The Try Guys used it to poke fun at the drama and craziness that they have experienced as a company this year. Some restaurants used it to highlight their most popular menu items.

I just want to give props to the content creators for all of the brands who did this, because they couldn’t create it until Spotify decided to release the Wrapped playlists. Each year they change up the style and graphics that they use to keep it interesting, so other brands have to wait for it to drop before creating their own so they can replicate the style of this year to make it clear what they’re trying to do.

I personally love to look at everyone’s Spotify Wrapped and get a little glimpse into people’s music taste. I’ve even found some new artists from looking at what other people post if I know they have similar music taste to me. Who was your top artist this year? Let me know in the comments, and I’m sure I will write about my own Spotify Wrapped again next year!

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