So Senior Week Happened

As I’m writing this I can’t fully comprehend that there is only one week of classes left this semester. I only have three more days of classes as an undergrad student. I just got my grad pics back, shoutout to the lovely Lauren Hutson you did amazing. And I just finished senior week. My senior week was cut a little bit short because I had to travel this week to go to my cousin’s wedding, but I’m so excited to see him get married tomorrow so it’s totally worth it. Looking at the opportunities I had to go to for the first half of the week there were two that I knew I had to prioritize: Roy Williams’s Last Lecture and climbing the bell tower.

Roy Williams gave the last lecture to the senior class, and I was super excited to see that it was going to be in person after thinking it was likely going to be on zoom. He was a great speaker, and told us many stories that were super interesting to hear from throughout his life. I took notes on some of the quotes that made me laugh, and just enjoyed getting to hear from a legend in the UNC community. Enjoy this little video I took of the end of his talk to get a look at the coach we all love and miss so much.

He did talk about why he retired a little bit, which was sad to hear, but most of the talk was lessons he learned and fun memories throughout his time at UNC. I thankfully got there early enough that I had a seat pretty close to him, and getting to listen to him give us advice is something I will treasure forever and never forget.

And then comes the iconic bell tower climb. This is something that I had known about since before coming to Carolina and was looking forward to for my whole time in undergrad. I was so thankful when we were able to have it this year after it not happening for the past two years, and I knew the line had the potential to be crazy.

You could start climbing at nine in the morning, and my roommate and I showed up outside of the bell tower at 8:30 am. Thankfully we only waited for a total of an hour, and it was a surreal experience getting to walk inside the tower and sign my name at the top. Walking back out was a moment where it really hit me that I’m so close to graduation. I’m super excited to look through the Class of 2022 magazine that we were given and reflect on my whole college experience.

With graduation rapidly approaching, stay tuned for some sentimental and potentially emotional posts in the coming two weeks because I truly have so much to be thankful for from my undergrad experience.

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