My Brand in a Video

When asked to make a personal brand video for myself as part of the Branding of Me class I’m taking with Gary Kayye, I knew it had to involve jump rope somehow. I struggled for a while with what the best way to portray everything would be, I wanted the video to be interesting for viewers to watch but also informative about me. I end up coming up with something that I think does a great job of balancing these two things.

Because I have been involved in jump rope for so long that I’ve learned so many valuable skills and lessons just from being on teams and growing up alongside my teammates. I thought it could be cool to use the video to highlight some of these valuable skills that I’ve learned form jump rope and how they became applicable to me. Jump rope is such a unique sport that I wanted to be able to take a moment to highlight the value it can add to your life while also showing what it has done for me specifically.

Without giving too much away before you watch the video, I used a compilation of videos of me jumping over the years as the b-roll behind my voiceover. I think this does a good job of showing how dedicated I can be to something because you see me grow up throughout the video, and you see that it’s something I continued doing into my college career.

I am proud of myself for using After Effects along with Premiere to edit this video. While what I did on After Effects was super simple with the text that shows up on screen, it was the first time I’ve done a personal project using both and it got me comfortable to do more advanced things with both in the future. 

This video will eventually be going up on the About Me page on this website, but I wanted to make it into a blog post first to show my thought process and how I went about creating the video itself. So without further ado, here is the video you clicked on this blog to watch. Hope you enjoy!

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