Life on the Lake

For as long as I can remember, my family’s happy place has been Dale Hollow Lake in Allons, Tennessee. The lake was our getaway from the stressors of life, where you could just relax in the water or on a boat. Especially for my Mom and my Grandpa, the lake is a very special place where they love to spend their time.

My grandparents own a house boat on the lake, and it was always so cool to me to be able to tell my friends that I was going to stay on a boat when we went on our trips. I have so many fond memories on that lake from tubing with my siblings to jumping off the top of the houseboat on to the lake.

One of my favorite things to do on the lake is to go for rides in our Cobalt runabout. It’s so relaxing to just ride around on the lake, not to mention a super easy way to tan because the wind cools you off to the point where you don’t realize how much sun you’re getting sometimes. Tubing on that boat is a fun time too, but to just sit for a while on the boat is a much more tame experience.

Even when I’m not at the lake, I sometimes get texts from my grandparents with pictures of the sunset if there is a particularly pretty one that night. They both know how much I enjoy watching the sunset, and my Grandpa feels personally bad when there isn’t a good sunset while I’m visiting.

I’m definitely a lake person over the beach, and I’m so thankful that I was raised with the lake being part of my life because it has brought me one of my favorite places.

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