It’s Not The Same As It Was

If you know me, you likely know that Harry Styles is my favorite artist, and he has recently announced a new single that will be dropping this Friday as well as his third album that will be dropping next month. I’m super excited to listen to “As It Was” and the entirety of Harry’s House when it comes out, and I wanted to talk a bit about how it has been advertised so far.

So far we have gotten the album cover, album trailer, and some pictures today likely from the music video for “As It Was,” and the fans have been going crazy for months trying to put together clues. It’s wild to see what people will dig for on the internet, and Harry fans truly will think of any little thing to make a connection and figure things out. Most of what I find out in terms of clues I see on Tik Tok, and so much of the content we get is unclear and left up to us to try to decipher. 

One of the biggest things has been the You Are Home accounts, and honestly they still are leaving things pretty up in the air with this one. I have no clue how people found it to begin with, but the second people saw that the only person following the account was Harry Styles they immediately started freaking out. Every day a door has been posted with a different picture on the inside for the past week or so, and people are speculating that each picture is a hint about a song on the album. One of the pictures on the inside of the door is of Harry’s album cover, and the day that got posted was the same day that he announced the name and drop date of the album.

Then we have the album trailer. There’s a lot going on here, but I think the most notable thing is that if you play it backwards it sounds much clearer and likely is an actual song from the album. Many people are guessing that this song is “As It Was,” but we’ll see come Friday if that’s correct. One other thing people have been saying from the trailer is that Harry considers his home to be on stage because the title of the album is Harry’s House and part of the trailer features a house coming up around him once he walks on stage. I’m sure there’s more meaning in the trailer, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet because the clips all go by so quickly.

While I am excited for all of this new content from Harry, it still is bittersweet to say goodbye to the Fine Line era, even though it’s not totally over yet and he will be touring for it until December. Fine Line is an album that I love from start to finish, and finally getting to see him perform it on tour after waiting so much longer than I thought I would have to because of COVID was truly a special experience. Hopefully Harry’s House will be just as good, and I’m already thinking about saving up to go see Harry again on tour for this album.

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