I Tried Notion for a Month

Notion is a platform that I had heard of for months from friends who used it themselves and thought it would be something that I would enjoy using as well. It’s a project management and note-taking software that basically just is another way to stay organized and on top of things. The people who were recommending it to me were friends who know me well and know that I’m a big planner.

I was apprehensive to give it a try because I didn’t really see a need for it on top of my bullet journal, but I decided why not try it for a month and see how I like it. It’s officially been a little over a month and the results are in: I’m a big fan of Notion to nobody’s surprise.

I didn’t want using Notion to take the place of my bullet journal, and I’ve found ways for them to work together really well for me. I keep track of some things on Notion and some things in my journal and there are a few things that I keep recorded in both. I enjoy having both a digital and physical place to be organized, Notion is more of a place for me to brain dump and quickly get organized and my journal is a better creative outlet where I also can keep track of things going on in my life.

Notion has been especially helpful for me in content creation and planning as it use it for a content calendar and have pages organizing my Etsy shop, freelance work, and my company that I’m working on starting (don’t you worry there will be a blog post about that once things are a little further along).

I also use Notion for other more general life things like meal planning, travel planning, and weekly agendas. The weekly agenda is one of the few things that I have in both my Notion and my bullet journal and I think it’s really helpful to have that in both to reinforce what I am trying to accomplish every day.

There definitely was a bit of a learning curve with how to use Notion to the fullest, and I’m by no means an expert yet, but I’ve enjoyed figuring out the best ways to use it for me. It’s all extremely customizable, and I’ve loved adding my personal touch to every page I make. If you want to give Notion a try too, I’m always happy to share what I know and there are lots of great resources for getting started on YouTube and Pinterest!

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