How I Got My Start in Video Editing

Years before I realized that video editing was going to have anything to do with what I would want to do for a job, I started editing jump rope videos. I would make compilation videos of my friends, my routines from competition the previous year, and montages of clips from shows. This taught me a lot about editing to music as I would pick different songs and try to get the clips to line up in a way that was satisfying with the song.

This was just something I did for fun, it later turned into something I did for the Super Skippers Instagram that I helped create and eventually the Carolina Jump Rope Instagram as well. I still edited jump rope videos for myself for fun too, but I loved getting to do it for the teams that I jumped with as well.

Today I still edit jump rope videos as a member of the Communications Committee on the National Collegiate Jump Rope Association (NCJRA). I love that even though I’ve graduated, I can still be on a committee and help collegiate jump rope grow since it had such a meaningful impact on my college experience.

Once I started doing show montages that was when I began to realize that video editing was something I really enjoyed and could see myself pursuing as part of a career. Any show footage I could get my hands on I would mess around with to make sure the highlights of the show stood out and to help advertise the team.

Without jump rope I’m not sure how I would’ve discovered my passion for video editing and eventually branding, graphic design, and social media content creation as well. I started off on iMovie, and then as my skill level advanced I moved over to Adobe Premiere Pro which is what I still use today.

I’ve now edited videos for several things that aren’t jump rope, but jump rope always has a special place in my heart and will remain my favorite thing to edit for years to come I’m sure. I’ve attached a show montage video that never got to see the light of day from my last ever show with the Super Skippers, just a little something I threw together pretty quickly years ago. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel to look through all of my videos, I’ve got some that I’m really proud of and every video taught me a valuable lesson that has helped to build my strengths as an editor.

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