Getting Into Podcasts

With working from home it’s nice to have shows or music that I can play in the background while I am doing all of the various things I need to do. They usually are things that don’t require my full attention so that they can stay in the background and my attention is on my work. I’ve wanted to get into podcasts for a while now, and they seemed like another good thing for me to play while I’m putting together orders among other things.

I didn’t really know where to start with finding podcasts to listen to, it felt a little overwhelming to have so many options. I decided to turn to Instagram and ask my followers what some of their favorite podcasts were. Here’s a list of all of the podcasts I have to listen to now:

Armchair Expert

Maintenance Phase


Girls Gotta Eat

Normal Gossip

Increase Your Impact

No Gorge

The Bald and the Beautiful

What We Said

Roommates Who Read

Sibling Rivalry

Now that I have a pretty decent list to start from, my plan is go through the list and check out one podcast a day to see how I like them. So far I’ve checked out Roommates Who Read, What We Said, and The Bald and the Beautiful, and I’ve enjoyed listening to podcasts a lot. I will always take more recommendations so please feel free to comment if you have any podcasts that you really like that I should check out. For now I will enjoy going through this list and potentially looking into more on my own. Time to get to listening!

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