Bullet Journal Set Up – September 2022

A new month means a new bullet journal set up, let’s get into September! I tried something a bit different this month and filmed myself setting up my journal in real time. It was cool to go back and watch the video later, and I’ll attach it at the end so you can see! I turned it into a timelapse though so that it’s only 8 minutes for you instead of the hour it took me in reality.

In terms of supplies, my bullet journal is from Archer & Olive, I use the mildliners and clickart pens from Zebra Pen, and the washi tape I use this month is from Knaid. Here’s a breakdown of the spreads I created!

First up we have my monthly gratitude log and cover page. I really enjoy the more muted tones of the colors I used here compared to how bright and in your face the colors I used last month were. This washi tape is awesome for providing some color while still being fairly minimal.

Next I made a spread to record all of my branding information for my new business, Pages Custom Journals. This will be a helpful space for me to write down my brand color hex codes, fonts, and any other information that I use regularly when creating content for Pages. If you’re looking to get started with journaling, definitely check out the shop, it’s great for beginners and people who journal regularly already. On the other side I have my workout tracker, this month I’m going to be tracking when I use the elliptical at home, go on walks, and jump rope. I’m hoping to start setting a bit of a regular workout schedule for myself this month once things settle down a bit later in the month.

Lastly we have all the weekly spreads. I have a lot going on this month between traveling to New York to see Harry Styles, traveling to ECU to visit my sister, and moving to a new house. I know I’m definitely going to be using these weekly spreads a lot to keep myself organized and keep my tasks manageable from day to day. I love the color combinations on these weekly spreads, and flipping through them makes me very happy.

That concludes my September set up, I hope you enjoyed this new way of seeing my set up through video! Stay tuned for next month when we really get into spooky season for October, and don’t forget to check out the website for Pages Custom Journals if you want to get started with journaling yourself!

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