Bullet Journal Set Up – October 2022

It’s the last day of September which means it’s time for the October set up in my bullet journal! On my instagram for my business Pages Custom Journals I had my followers vote between four options to choose my washi tape for the month, and they voted on this fun orange marble tape. To make this set up even more fitting for spooky season I decided to break out my Archer & Olive Neopolitan A5 Notepad and do the whole setup on black dot grid paper.

This was a bit of a challenge for me as I quickly realized many of my go-to supplies wouldn’t show up on black paper, but I had a lot of fun putting these spreads together and using some materials I’ve never used in my journal before. My bullet journal is from Archer & Olive and the washi tape I used this month is from Michaels. As far as markers and pens go, I used metallic Sharpies, a gold G2 pen, and white gelly roll pens in size 8 and 10. Here’s a breakdown of the spreads I created!

First we had my gratitude log and monthly cover page. I’m very excited to see how these both will look by the end of the month, The gratitude log is really going to pop once it’s all filled in with white pen. I’m also really happy with how the bronze Sharpie looked as the header on the gratitude log and how well it went with the tape.

Next I have a page for content ideas. Between freelance, Digital Redesign, and Pages Custom Journals I have a lot of content creation that I do on a daily basis, so I thought having a place to dump content ideas as they come up before I can forget them would be a cool thing to try. I also have a designated content calendar online, but having somewhere that I can use as a sort of brain dump for content will hopefully help me not feel as pressured to come up with content on the spot. On the other side we have my workout tracker as usual. Nothing much has changed with this other than the colors, but I love how much the calendar pops against the black paper.

Lastly we have the weekly spreads. I really enjoyed using the metallic sharpies on these, and I’m definitely going to have to make sure I remember to carry around a white gel pen with me throughout the month since a black pen really won’t be helpful for me. I always like to find new ways to mix up my weekly spreads without changing the setup, and the black paper was a great way to make this feel fresh for me.

That concludes my October set up, I hope you enjoyed seeing these spreads and if you’re hungry for more journaling content please check out Pages Custom Journals!

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