Bullet Journal Set Up – November 2022

It’s time for another bullet journal set up blog! I did another poll on my Instagram for Pages Custom Journals to pick the washi tape that I would base my color scheme for the month off of, and they voted on this neutral fall leaves pattern that I think is perfect for November.

As far as supplies go, I’m still using my journal from Archer & Olive, the washi tape for the month is from Knaid, and the mildliners and clickart pens that I use to add color are from Zebra Pen!

As always I started off with my monthly gratitude log and cover page, and I will say I was very happy to be back on white paper this month so I could use whatever supplies I wanted without worrying about how they would show up. I really like how this particular tape looks as a border, it’s still pretty minimalistic while the pattern of the leaves gives it a fun touch.

Next we have a new spread for me, a saving and spending tracker. Especially with the holiday season approaching, I wanted to give this a try. In the saving portion I will keep track of how much money I set aside in my savings account each week throughout the month of November. In the spending portion I will record how much money I spend each day throughout the month. Hopefully at the end of the month this will give me a good look at what my regular spending habits look like so I can work on improving next month. On the other side we have my typical workout tracker. This spread layout works really well for me, and in the past few months I’ve been working hard to create a regular workout schedule for myself.

Lastly we have my weekly spreads. While these are much more muted than what I did last month, I’m super happy with how they turned out and like to flip through and look at the different color combinations I get each week. I am leaving the first week of the month out of these pictures because I forgot to take a picture of it before I started using the pages, but it looks essentially the same as the other weekly spreads!

That’s all from my bullet journal for this month, hope you enjoyed it! If you’re interested in seeing more bullet journaling content from me please check out Pages Custom Journals, there will be some great deals coming to the shop this month for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

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