Bullet Journal Set Up – March 2022

I have been using a bullet journal to stay organized since 2019, and it has quickly become my go to method of keeping my life together while also getting to be creative. For those who might not have heard of it, bullet journaling is hard to define because it is meant to be flexible to the individual user. It can be used as a planner, diary, journal, tracker, and more, and I personally use it mostly as a planner and tracker. 

I got started from watching YouTube videos of other people setting up their own bullet journals and after a few months I decided I wanted to try it myself. I still watch monthly plan with me videos to this day, and Amanda Rach Lee and Caitlin Da Silva are the main two creators who I love to watch. Through watching the videos of others I’ve seen things I could try in my own bullet journal, and I’ve figured out what I like and what I don’t. At this point my setup is pretty standard and doesn’t vary much from month to month. I collect washi tapes and have a variety of pens and highlighters that I use to set up my bullet journal, and each month I pick a tape to base my color scheme on. Now that March is rapidly approaching, I set aside some time today to set up for next month in my bullet journal. Here’s a quick look:

These first two pages are my monthly gratitude log and my cover page. These are great pages for me to look back on as everyday I write something I’m grateful for, and at the end of the month I will print out a picture of a fun memory from that month and put it in the empty box that’s currently on the cover page. This month I picked a marbled gold washi tape and all of the spreads were done with a gold metallic sharpie and a gold pilot G2 pen

Then we have my brain dump page and my workout tracker. The brain dump is essentially what it sounds like, it’s a place for me to write down anything that I’m thinking of that I can’t do something about in that given moment. I’ll sometimes do this on the notes app on my phone as well, but I like having a designated spot for it in my bullet journal too. This helps turn it into a bit more of a checklist than just having it written down on my phone and forgetting about it. My workout tracker is also pretty self explanatory, I’ll mark off the days in the calendar for each day that I workout throughout the month. My goal for this month is to workout at least three days a week!

Lastly we have my weekly spreads, I’m showing pictures of the first two weeks of March here. This month I decided I wanted to play around with black paper too, as you can see in the workout tracker too, so I alternated between the white paper that comes in the journal and gluing in black paper every other week. I use my weekly spreads the way I would use any agenda to write down tasks and due dates on each specific day of the week. This is the main way I keep track of everything and get stuff done.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my bullet journal, this is something I hope to continue to blog about so stay tuned for the April set up and other content about how I stay organized in the future! If this got anyone excited or wanting to start a bullet journal of your own I’d highly recommend checking out Archer & Olive, I’ve used journals from them for my past two journals (including this current one) and they’ve been great. I’d love to hear about how you stay organized, and if you bullet journal too show me your spreads!

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