Bullet Journal Set Up – December 2022

It’s time for the final bullet journal set up of 2022! This month my followers on the Pages Custom Journals Instagram voted for this abstract winter tape. Unfortunately the tape was a gift and I don’t know the brand, but I know it was bought off Amazon! I’m still using my journal from Archer & Olive and the mildliners and clickart pens that I used are from Zebra Pen!

This set up took about an hour and a half in total, which is longer than these usually take me by about 30 minutes. This is partially because I set up two more Pages than I normally would and December had 5 weeks instead of 4, but also because the washi tape that I used has a backing that you have to peel off before sticking it in your journal and at times it was a little difficult to remove.

We start off with my typical Gratitude Log and Monthly Cover Page for the first two pages. I had to squeeze the title in there for the Gratitude Log since I was using one of the thicker washi tapes that I own. I love how simple yet colorful this tape is, perfect for getting me into the holiday spirit!

Next we have my Spending/Saving Tracker and my Workout Tracker. I really enjoyed having the Spending/Saving Tracker last month, and I think it will be especially helpful for me this month leading up to Christmas. I want to add a Page similar to this to Pages, but I’m still playing around with a set up that I like to add to the site. My Workout Tracker is the same as usual, and I’m happy to report that I’ve been keeping up my regular exercise and feeling great! This page has been super helpful for me in building these habits.

Then we have my Holiday Gift Tracker page and a Brain Dump page. I wanted a spot in my journal to be able to track once I’ve gotten a gift for someone, what the gift was, how much I spent, and once it shipped to me. This has been super helpful for me in the past to have one place to keep track of everything for gifts. On the other side I just put a Brain Dump because they are helpful to have and who knows what all I’m going to need to use it for.

My weekly spreads are the same as always except with a different color scheme to match the washi tape. I love when I use a washi tape that has silver or gold in it because it’s always fun to tie in with a silver or gold pen in the weekly spreads. 

That’s all for this month! Next month you’ll get two bullet journal set ups as I set up for 2023 and then for January. If you’re interested in seeing even more journaling content from me, be sure to check out Pages Custom Journals!

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