Bullet Journal Set Up – August 2022

It’s the last week of July, and it’s been too long since I put some bullet journal content on the blog. Back in June I switched into a new bullet journal, my third from Archer & Olive. I absolutely love the journals I’ve gotten from them so far, and I really like the butterfly design and the color of my new journal.

For my August set up I wanted to do something bright and colorful, but a color scheme that I hadn’t really used before, so I pulled out this green and yellow marble washi tape that I got from Michaels. That along with my Zebra Mildliners and Clickart Pens created the spreads that I will be using this upcoming month. Here’s a closer look at the spreads:

Up first as always we have my monthly gratitude log and cover page. I’ve really enjoyed starting off each month with these two pages, it’s fun to pick a picture at the end of the month to look back on along with the things that I’m thankful for from the past month. Even without filling these pages in yet, I love how much the washi tape makes the pages pop.

Next is my moving checklist and workout tracker. My family is going to be moving next month, and we have a lot to do to get ready. I wanted a place just to keep track of everything that needs to be done by me specifically both to clean up the current house and prepare for the next place. Since there’s so much that I could have to do in the coming weeks I wanted to leave this page as open as possible to give myself flexibility with how I organize my thoughts. Then we have my usual workout tracker. I’m planning to go on lots of walks, get back into using my elliptical, and make sure I still keep up with jump rope on a somewhat regular basis. Having this tracker helps hold me accountable and keep me moving since I work from home now.

Lastly we have the weekly spreads. I love how bright and colorful they are, and I even got to use some of my mildliners that I don’t normally use as much thanks to the color scheme I chose. I like to keep my weekly spreads clean and simple since they’re the pages I look at and use the most on a daily basis.

That concludes my August set up, I hope you enjoyed getting a first look into my new bullet journal! I plan to get back into the habit of showing my set up every month from here on out, and if you are curious about bullet journaling and want to get started yourself please reach out to me!

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