Bullet Journal Set Up – April 2022

March ends tomorrow (which is crazy), so that means it’s time for another monthly set up in my bullet journal! After keeping the colors pretty simple with the black and gold last month, I wanted to do something bright and colorful this month. I picked a tape that was reflective and rainbow that I have never used before and had a lot of fun picking out what markers I wanted to use to match the tape and create the theme. Here’s a look at some of my spreads for April:

Up first we have my gratitude log and cover page. When I first started using a bullet journal the gratitude log was a quote page and I tried to make my cover page much more drawing based, and over time I realized that if that’s not what I wanted my bullet journal to be then that’s not what I have to be. I watch several people on YouTube who use a bullet journal, and they all have very different ways that they go about decorating theirs. Some are much more drawing intense like Amanda Rach Lee and some are more on the minimalistic side with writing and using papers and tapes like Caitlin Da Silva. Over time my style in my bullet journal has evolved and I love looking back on these two pages once the month is over and getting to see all of the good things that happened that month plus a picture of one of my favorite moments from the month. 

Next we have my brain dump and workout tracker. The brain dump page is a fairly new addition to my bullet journal, and so far I haven’t really used it but I still want to keep it there for a few more months to see if it grabs me. Typically if I have a random thought that I want to make sure I don’t forget I’ll write it down on my notes app on my phone, but then I tend to lose it in all of the notes. My goal is to write things down on my phone throughout the day and then at the end of each day use the brain dump page in my bullet journal as a collection place for all of the thoughts I put in my phone. My workout tracker has been working well, and has been helping me to get a picture of how often I workout realistically.

Lastly we have my first weekly spreads. All of my weekly spreads for this month look the same just with some variation in where I used each of the colors. This spread has worked really well for me as a to do list for each day to keep on top of everything I have to do between school, work, extracurriculars, and a social life. We’ll see if I need a whole two page spread to write down to do items once I graduate, but that will be something to evaluate next month.

I hope you enjoy getting to take a look at my bullet journal, I love sharing it. I think my current journal has room for at least one more month, maybe two tops, but I’m currently on the hunt for my next journal. I’ve currently been going back and forth between getting another journal from Archer & Olive or trying one from Scribbles That Matter. Stay tuned next month to see what I do for May!

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