Beyond Well Rehearsed

10 days after the Billie Eilish concert I returned to the Spectrum Center, but this time to see Dua Lipa on her Future Nostalgia tour. I knew that this concert was going to be a very different experience from any I had gone to so far in my life, and I was very curious to see if Dua had grown as a performer as much as I had heard. The rumors definitely were true, she put on a show with all the stops from backup dancers to backup singers, roller skaters, and more all perfectly choreographed to every song she sang. 

So much time and effort had to go into preparing for the tour, and Dua was so excited to be on stage after waiting two years for this tour to happen. Timing was very important throughout, and she really took advantage of the transition time she had between songs. She wore four completely different outfits throughout the concert, not to mention they were quick changes, so I was always impressed each time she came out in a new outfit. 

There were some really cool elements in her concert that I had never experienced before, the first being backup dancers. I know this isn’t a totally uncommon thing in concerts, but it was super interesting to see how the dancers were used to give Dua breaks throughout the concert while still providing entertainment. It made the whole concert feel much more fast paced than other concerts I’ve been to as there was hardly any downtime where literally nothing was going on.

Another element that was cool about her concert that I wasn’t expecting was roller skaters, and they added a fun level of variety to the performance with the cool tricks they were able to do while rolling around the stage. I was so impressed by the tricks that they made look so easy, and they brought such an infectious energy to the stage every time they came out on their light up skates.

This concert was so polished and high energy, and I was really impressed by Dua’s ability to dance and sing at the same time. This is an area where she has shown tremendous growth over time, she used to become a meme every time she danced and it made me happy to see how much she has improved and how confident she looked in herself as she danced and sang. It really shows how dedicated she is to her career and performing when you look back at some of her older videos and see how much stronger of a performer she is now. I aspire to reach that level of confidence in myself, and am so glad I was able to spend a night watching her do her thing after a long wait.

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