Being Present in the Moment

Last night I got to see Billie Eilish in concert for her Happier Than Ever tour, and it was a great concert to have as my first of 2022. From the moment she popped up onto the stage her energy was infectious, and I was standing up singing along almost the whole time even though I was in an upper level seat. I love going to concerts and getting to hear my favorite songs performed live, and Billie definitely put on a good show. While there are definitely many memorable moments I could talk about, there’s one in particular that I want to mention because I’m so glad Billie did it.

Around maybe a little over halfway through the concert she asked if everyone could sit down regardless of where they were in the stadium, and for everyone to put their phones down. I had been recording parts of the concert throughout the night, especially for my favorite songs of hers, so it took me a little by surprise when she asked us all to put our phones away for just one song. She told the audience that she wanted everyone to really just be present in the moment, look at her, and feel the song. She then sang “When the party’s over,”  which is one of her sadder songs for anyone not familiar with her music, and the environment in the Spectrum Center was different from what I felt during any of her other sad songs. 

She also sat on the ground up on stage, and everyone sang along with her fully feeling the song as we watched her. While I’m still glad that I have the videos that I took from the concert to go back and watch again to relive that night, I think it’s cool that I’ll always have that moment of everyone taking a step back just as a memory for myself. 

Billie did a great job of controlling the environment and keeping the audience in a good spot all night. From having call and response moments, getting us to bounce with her, giving us that moment to just sit with her, and closing out the whole concert by having everyone scream the words to the title track of her newest album and the tour itself, “Happier Than Ever,” it was a great night. I’m honestly shocked that I have a voice left today after all of the singing and screaming I did last night. 

Concerts are some of the most freeing experiences I’ve had in my life, just existing with the artist for an hour or two and forgetting about everything else going on outside the venue. Singing along with them and watching them do their thing and interact with the audience is so fun, and Billie’s concert is definitely up there as one of my favorite concerts I’ve been to.  Here’s a look at a little video I got from the end of the concert of Billie saying goodbye and leaving the stage.  I can’t wait to go to more shows throughout the rest of the year, and for now I will be listening to Billie’s music on repeat for at least the rest of the week.

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  • You inspired me to listen to more of Billie’s music. I only knew who she was because of BTS.

    You are one hell of a writer, Carly! 💜

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