A Ray of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

It’s rare to find someone who you feel like truly radiates positivity, not in a way that is toxic, but just genuinely seems to always want to support and find the best in every situation. Lauren Hutson is one of those people, and I’m truly thankful to call her a friend. She is the definition of a girl boss, I don’t understand how she makes time for everything she’s involved in along with class, work, and her friends, and she is one of the kindest people I know. Being around her always puts me in a better mood, and she’s been such an inspiring person to become friends with over the past few years.

Lauren was someone who I had a friend crush on for a bit before we actually became friends, we are both in Kappa Kappa Gamma and from the moment she joined she was someone who seemed so genuine and who I knew I wanted to become friends with. She is always super friendly with everyone who she interacts with, so it wasn’t hard to start talking to her at all, and gradually we became closer friends.

She is such an enthusiastic person, even the smallest accomplishments she makes me feel great about. I’m also super impressed by her because she’s so busy, but always makes me feel valued as a friend. I know that life can get stressful at times when you are that involved in so many things, and I appreciate her so much and see all the effort she puts into every aspect of her life. She’s one of the best hype women I could ask for, and I can’t imagine my college life without her in it. (Also she’s such a talented photographer and I couldn’t write this blog without giving her a shout out for that, she’s going to be taking my grad pics next month and I’m super excited so check out her photography site.)

She’s someone who I’m proud to know because I have so much confidence she’s going to accomplish great things in her life, whether it be in work, relationships, or anything else she puts her mind to. She is so personable and makes people so comfortable around her, Lauren truly is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. She’s a great friend to have because she makes me want to be a better person through my friendship with her, and I think many would agree with me that she is someone who they’re thankful to know.

As graduation approaches, I’m realizing that now is a great time to prioritize the friendships who really add value to your life. Making time for those connections that you want to keep strong after you graduate is so important, and people who can have a positive impact on your life and bring in a little sunshine when you need it are so important to have. This can be a scary time because you can start questioning who you will still be close with once you aren’t around each other all the time anymore, and the relationships changing is just a natural part of life, but having people who make you so happy to just be around them and recognizing that can make a huge difference in how you spend your time. I’m glad to have many friends who make me so sad that undergrad is coming to an end, and Lauren is a great example of one of them.

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