glob x nike

TASK: Present to Nike a multifaceted campaign highlighting how we can combine their work with NFTs, existing campaigns, and even in fashion in space. 

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator, Canva, OpenSea

TEAM: FashionMash Class (see GLOB website for the whole team)

TIME: 2022


NFT campaign with 92 NFTs that are available for purchase on OpenSea. We created the NFTs as a class and designed a clothing collection to go with them that we modeled on the runway at our presentation to Nike. Click here to check out the GLOB website and learn more about the campaign.

serena williams design crew

Another collection sent down the runway was using the existing Serena Williams collection with Nike. We had been working around this collection for the entire school year in many areas from adding our own personal touch to the clothes to looking into the possibilities with gaming and bringing the collection to the local community through highlighting some of our own female athletes. 


Our very first assignment in the class was to imagine what a potential fashion sneaker would look like on Mars. Everyone in the class designed a shoe, and we created a physical model of one of the shoes. The remaining shoes were displayed digitally at the event, with some being displayed on iPads that were held by our models.